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December Just Garden installation at New Jewish Community School. Photo credit: NJCS

As the year comes to a close...

We reflect on the accomplishments your support has made possible. From Just Garden installations, new congregational partnerships and sold out events, to drought awareness workshops and pop-up learning centers, Netiya has grown into LA's interfaith food justice network. We're planting seeds, creating connections, and growing real change one garden at a time. Make us part of your year-end giving and amplify your impact by clicking here. Here are four highlights of our work this year:

Netiya installed several Just Gardens, one at the New Jewish Community High School, and one was in partnership with Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park & Eagle Rock, and the All Saints Episcopal Church. At this install, we had our super-talented musicians playing in the background, as a diverse interfaith group of all ages worked to empower congregants living in a food desert to grow their own food. This food will last and repeat as long as there are people to grow it, and it will not only nourish, but give congregants the tools to take their food sovereignty into their own hands. See our photo essay here.

In a time when it is increasingly urgent to learn water-saving techniques, Netiya partnered with the DWP and hosted five Water-Wise workshops at our congregations. These hands-on events brought together people of all faiths to discuss best practices when growing food at our institutions. Led by Master Gardeners and top educators in the city, topics included how to minimize water usage when growing fruit trees; the role of soil and compost at your congregation; the social purpose of water in the Jewish and Muslim traditions; how rainwater can be harvested and used in your institutional garden; best practices for growing food and minimizing water use; and how to install a greywater system up to California Plumbing Code standards that can recycle and reuse water by diverting it to your landscape.

Netiya and the Skirball organized an incredible Shmita event for Food Day - it was sold out - and with standing room only. We explored Just Gardens, Just Foods and what is involved with a supporting a Just Harvest. We pickled, made recycled potting containers, learned all about composting. But above all that we made connections, strengthened bonds, and built community ~ while distributing the fermented, organic vegetables we made together, to the NoHo interfaith food pantry. Bringing people of like heart together, getting them to work together for the common cause of building a more vibrant local food system. This is our deep mission. This is what allows us to make institutional change that lasts.

We also partnered with Whole Foods this year to run several educational events - Netiya was selected as December's "Feed Four More" partner, and we launched, Dinner Conversations. And at this market, we recently hosted another sold out event that brought together a panel of leaders in LA's food justice movement to ignite conversation about what healthful eating has to do with justice, where our food comes from, and how to advocate greater transparency from our grocers.

The year ahead: 2015

We've developed a microgrant program to help congregations in food insecure communities grow Just Gardens! We believe strongly that economics should not preclude any institution's ability to build a food garden. Imagine a world where underdeveloped neighborhoods replaced empty plots and unused lots with lush food gardens, and children were able to pick fresh fruit as they walked home from Church. We are making this a reality, one Just Garden at a time. This holiday season, any donation you make toward this new fund will be matched by one of our generous donors. Make us part of your year-end giving and amplify your impact. Let us also introduce the newest congregation of our 42-member network: The New Cavalry Mission Church in Compton. We'll be partnering to build a Just Garden there in the spring.

And beyond...!

Thanks to you, Netiya has become a hub for interfaith food justice work in the city. This has been our intention from the moment we set down our roots. The seeds we cast can grow deeper, and all over the city fallow land comes to blush with fertility, feeding those who are food insecure. Whether you care about equality, justice or changing the way our food is grown, your donation to us will continue to support your highest values and ours. Through our shared efforts we are brought together, we are made whole. Happy Holidays!

And God planted a garden eastward in a Eden (Genesis 2:8)

“וייטע יהוה אלוהים, גן-בעדן--מקדם"
Netiya is an interfaith food justice network that cultivates gardens on unused congregational land to grow and tithe nutritious food.  Netiya advances institutional collaboration around food procurement and food relief, so that Angelenos of all faiths can have greater access to food that is worthy of a blessing. We are a network of 32 faith-based institutions that work on hunger in LA. We believe that our institutions should source our food locally when possible. We are also deeply committed to ending food insecurity and to increasing access to healthy food in proactive and strategic ways. We believe that food is a fundamental human right. There is increasing recognition among emergency food providers of the importance of nutrition. It is no longer sufficient to merely provide calories to alleviate hunger. Just as important is providing nutrient rich foods that support adequate growth and health. But these healthier options, like fresh fruits and vegetables, are often too expensive for struggling families. In addition, many families live in “food deserts,” where markets are scarce and those that do exist sell mostly packaged, processed food. By making additional fresh produce options available across the city, we not only ease hunger but improve overall nutrition and health. By growing more food, we can tithe more food. We endeavor to build a more just and resilient food system. We believe that collaboration is the only method to make this vision a reality.      

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