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Upcoming Just Food & Garden Installations

Netiya is planning garden installations at Shalhevet/Ikar, Emmanuel HM Turner AME Church in Compton, Sinai Akiba Academy, and Temple Ramat Zion. Looking to get involved/want to volunteer at one of our installations? Contact info@netiya.org!

See a full list of Netiya Affiliated Just Food & Garden/Orchards here. ______________________________________________________________________

Netiya Life Cycle Project

Netiya curates beautiful, locally-grown, non-GMO plant-based centerpieces for your Life Cycle event. The plants showcased at your Life Cycle event will go to Netiya-affiliated gardens to support food sovereignty and food relief efforts across Los Angeles!

What’s the Opportunity? Netiya provides an opportunity to rethink the use of expensive, pesticide-soaked flowers that may have traveled across oceans to be used on synagogue altars or as event centerpieces, and instead to create sustainable decorations that can double as a tzedakah project to be donated to a Netiya-affiliated congregation that is addressing food insecurity.

Netiya is now six years old!

Netiya advances sustainable urban land use in LA by converting our congregations from water-intensive, crabgrass lawns into sites for fresh food production. Celebrate Netiya for reaching this six year mark by making a tax-deductible contribution to support our sustainable growth today! Netiya is fiscally sponsored by Community Partners. Support for Netiya can be made through Community Partners for Netiya online here or send to Community Partners for Netiya: Attn. Finance Department 1000 N. Alameda St., Ste. 240, Los Angeles, 90012. YOUR support makes all the difference. ______________________________________________________________________________


Be a part of our membership drive,
Become a Netiya Member!

Because of you, we are reaching over 5,000 people and together, working to bring about a better Los Angeles through stewardship.

If you believe these six Netiya principles, we invite you to partner with us:

  • FOOD IS A HUMAN RIGHT: All people have access to nourishing food grown with respect for the laborers, and the earth. Netiya grows community food security through empowerment, not handouts. We don’t do charity for others, we do collaborative work with others.

  • STEWARD LAND: The land we live on is an integral part of our community. Our diverse philosophical, spiritual, and religious traditions share the core values of caring for the earth. Netiya helps institutions deepen a commitment to stewarding collective resources (water, land) through rethinking the tradition of tithing. Through stewardship of urban lands at homes and faith-based institutions in Los Angeles, Netiya advances the conversion of 10% of the land from decorative landscaping to food production to empower greater food sovereignty.

  • CELEBRATE ALL FORMS OF DIVERSITY: Realizing our connection to Mother Earth is sacred, and with intent to reflect the greatest biodiversity of all beings and forms of life, we celebrate people from all spiritual and religious practices that are committed to growing food sustainably; and we welcome both traditional and innovative approaches.

  • COMMITMENT TO ACCESS : Recognizing that Netiya’s activities are primarily justice driven and educational, the bulk of our programming is free or deeply discounted. Netiya is also committed to building spiritually-engaged and participatory collective forums during each of our activities

  • GROW RESILIENCE: Rooting into the soil and our traditions can build stronger communities. Food is about culture, and the land. In order to grow a healthier food system, we need to build a healthy food culture that honors the land, the physical makeup of our city, our spirits, and our roots.

  •  GROUND-UP ORGANIZING: Netiya commits to growing competency in the areas of race, class, gender, power and privilege by advancing equality and non-hierarchical organizing to foster sacred, fertile ground.

Membership to Netiya provides the following discounts and benefits:
  • One (1) FREE ticket for our annual event
  • Members Rate for all of our garden and kitchen hands-on workshops
  • Monthly Tips and Educational Resources - custom-designed by Netiya
  • Visibility - on Netiya's website and marketing materials.

Make a tax-deductible contribution and become a member to support our sustainable growth today! Netiya is a project of Community Partners and contributions can be made to Community Partners for Netiya: online here or sent to Community Partners for Netiya: Attn. Finance Department 1000 N. Alameda St., Ste. 240, Los Angeles, 90012. YOUR support makes all the difference. To become a member as an institution, click here! ______________________________________________________________________________

For more information and pricing contact info@netiya.org __________________________________________________________________________   Netiya is a food and faith network that cultivates gardens on unused land at faith-based institutions to grow and tithe nutritious food. Netiya fosters self-reliance and stewardship to lead Angelenos of all faiths toward greater access to food worthy of a blessing. We are a network of 42 faith-based institutions that work on hunger in LA. We believe that our institutions should source our food locally when possible. We are also deeply committed to ending food insecurity and to increasing access to healthy food in proactive and strategic ways. We believe that food is a fundamental human right. There is increasing recognition among emergency food providers of the importance of nutrition. It is no longer sufficient to merely provide calories to alleviate hunger. Just as important is providing nutrient rich foods that support adequate growth and health. But these healthier options, like fresh fruits and vegetables, are often too expensive for struggling families. In addition, many families live in “food deserts,” where markets are scarce and those that do exist sell mostly packaged, processed food. By making additional fresh produce options available across the city, we not only ease hunger but improve overall nutrition and health. By growing more food, we can tithe more food. We endeavor to build a more just and resilient food system. We believe that collaboration is the only method to make this vision a reality.  

  Click here to learn more about Netiya's Buy a Book, Save a Tree! Campaign