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Next Sunday!

Celebrating Food Day: Pickling and Planting

Sunday, October 26
1:00–4:30 p.m. 
Skirball Cultural Center
  $45 General Admission $35 Skirball Members Participate in an afternoon of hands-on workshops and discussion exploring how to ensure a regenerative food supply by learning the skills of preserving and pickling, planning and planting. Give back to the community at the same time: for every jar of food that is pickled and for every plant that is started, participants take one home and one is donated for recipients of emergency food relief. Enrollment includes participation in all three workshops. Instructors: Just Foods: Pickling Workshop—Ernest Miller is a chef, historian, educator, consultant, and speaker who teaches throughout Southern California. He is co-leader of Slow Food Los Angeles, lead instructor for the Master Food Preservers of Los Angeles County, and founder of Rancho La Merced Provisions, LLC, a producer of preserved foods and preservation equipment. Just Gardens: Composting Workshop—Sian Seligman is President and Founder of Sow Swell, a Los Angeles–based urban farming company offering a single destination for aspiring urban farmers to start and maintain an urban farm through products, services, and education. Just Justice: Food, Health, and the Environment—Devorah Brous is Founding Executive Director of Netiya, an interfaith food justice network that cultivates gardens on unused congregational land to grow and tithe food. Netiya advances institutional collaboration around food procurement and food relief so all Angelenos have access to good food. For more information click here. ________________________________

And God planted a garden eastward in a Eden (Genesis 2:8)

“וייטע יהוה אלוהים, גן-בעדן--מקדם"
Netiya is an interfaith food justice network that cultivates gardens on unused congregational land to grow and tithe nutritious food.  Netiya advances institutional collaboration around food procurement and food relief, so that Angelenos of all faiths can have greater access to food that is worthy of a blessing. We are a network of 32 faith-based institutions that work on hunger in LA. We believe that our institutions should source our food locally when possible. We are also deeply committed to ending food insecurity and to increasing access to healthy food in proactive and strategic ways. We believe that food is a fundamental human right. There is increasing recognition among emergency food providers of the importance of nutrition. It is no longer sufficient to merely provide calories to alleviate hunger. Just as important is providing nutrient rich foods that support adequate growth and health. But these healthier options, like fresh fruits and vegetables, are often too expensive for struggling families. In addition, many families live in “food deserts,” where markets are scarce and those that do exist sell mostly packaged, processed food. By making additional fresh produce options available across the city, we not only ease hunger but improve overall nutrition and health. By growing more food, we can tithe more food. We endeavor to build a more just and resilient food system. We believe that collaboration is the only method to make this vision a reality.      

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